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BritishOXFORD offers a wide variety of programs for those wishing to study English in professional classroom setup.

We offer customized study plans for all levels of English. Students can choose from among our general English program, award-winning IELTS exam preparation courses, and Live-in Caregiver programs.

At BritishOXFORD, we are here to help you find the right program to suit your individual needs and goals, contact us to speak with one of our representatives today.

IELTS Preparation Programs

Our preparation course will ensure you have all the skills necessary to take the test and achieve your desired score.

The IELTS Preparation course teaches strategies for success in the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam and covers the four major sections in-depth: Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing.

Our teachers specialize in training students for test-taking and help them develop confidence and techniques that contribute to their success. Students may choose to prepare for the IELTS exam from 30 days and above. Other custom packages can also be designed to suit your specific needs.

Module Package Topics Covered Each Class
IELTS Preparation Program 90 Days Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
75 Days Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
60 Days Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
45 Days Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
30 Days Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
30 Days Fast-Track Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
45 Days Fast-Track Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking

Trial Lessons

The first three classes will be considered as a trial lessons. Students may choose to withdraw from class with full refund of tuition fee after the first class if it does not meet your expectations. We fully back our programs with satisfaction guarantee.

How It Works

For best evaluation of your needs, upon joining any of our IELTS preparation programs, the students will be given detailed introduction on all the four modules (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) by covering one module per day. During first three classes, at the end of each day, a classroom placement test (CPT) would be conducted by the teacher to evaluate your current abilities and needs. At the end of first three classes, the teacher would discuss all three CPT’s with the student and would suggest an Individual Study Plan (ISP) to best meet student’s needs for achieving highest possible IELTS score.

By following the above procedure, we want to make sure that each student is given personalised attention for achieving best results.

Common Questions
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